About The Project

I had the privilege of working closely with Divaloper, an inspiring social enterprise dedicated to breaking down barriers and fostering gender equality in the tech industry. Their mission is to empower and encourage more women especially in the northern region of Ghana to pursue rewarding careers in STEM fields. As the web developer for their project, I had the opportunity to bring their vision to life through a dynamic and engaging website. It was a collaborative journey, crafting an online platform that highlights their impactful initiatives, highlights success stories, and provides valuable resources for aspiring women in tech. By building their website, I aimed to create a digital space that reflects their passion, values, and commitment to creating a more inclusive and diverse tech ecosystem. It was an honor to contribute to their mission and play a part in empowering women to thrive in STEM careers.
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About The Client

Divaloper is a social enterprise that works to put an end to gender inequality in Tech and to get more ladies in the northern region of Ghana to venture into STEM careers.