Esty Shipping Company Limited

  • Year10/05/2023
  • CountryGhana
  • ClientHapaweb

About The Project

Our close co-ordination with customs departments, shipping and airlines as well as other allied agencies gives us a competitive edge in the provision of our services. Freight Forwarding: Esty Shipping provides freight forwarding services for sea and air cargo direct to your market, customer or distribution point. Working closely with major freight service partners, we offer you a wide range of carrier choices to principal trade lanes worldwide. Our cargo import-export service encompasses carrier booking.
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About The Client

ESTY SHIPPING has been at the forefront of the logistics industry. Our journey began with a passion for simplifying international trade, and over the years, we have grown into a trusted partner for businesses worldwide. With a strong commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we’ve achieved significant milestones, building a reputation for reliability, efficiency, and innovation.